Bring Some Items From Home

Our pet guests are more than welcome to bring along a few of their favorite things to Preppy Pet. 
and adding his or her name to it is a good idea.(mark with a permanent marker pet name) 

Food and Treats

Pre-portion your pet food into zipped lock bags and also bring treats and bedding
for both dogs or cats. When you bring food at check-in, please keep single meal
 servings in containers or zipped bags labeled with your pets name and provide
 written feeding instructions. Treats (except rawhide bones) are also 

​Bed, Blankets and Toys

Bring your pet's favorite Bed and/or blanket, toy or any 
item with a familiar scent—and adding his or her name 
to it is a good idea. Limit to two items please. 


We'll administer prescribed medications if they're in the vet's original container. 
(A fee applies to this service.)