All bathing charges vary due to coat condition, size and length.
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Preppy Pet Spa Bath

Spa Treatment 
Have your pet pampered with a Spa Bath. This is great before going home and after playing.
Our fresh scented detergent-free natural shampoo, will make you dog look and smell great. We also offer for your sensitive pooch a skin condition treatment with our Natural Oatmeal bath. Spa Bath includes Nail Clipping, Ear Cleaning, a Bow or Bandana and Doggie Cologne starting at $32.95. Prices vary with breed, size and coat condition.

Preppy Paws

Vinyl nail caps for your dogs that will help protect floor surfaces, screens, furniture and more.
These nail caps will also protect you and your love ones from scratches.

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Now introducing our new “Pet Care Room”!
Eliminates odors and helps control ticks and fleas. Helps improve skin conditions and more! Metabolism improvement, blood circulation enhancement, immune system reinforcement, skin trouble prevention, sterilization effect, fatigue reduction, emotion calmness effect. 
Pet Dry room has a 4 direction drying system with the lowest noise level during drying. Standard dryers generate loud noise through their 1 direction Air Blow System
Forest Environment Creation for shiny fur and healthy skin! Helps reduce dander. Aroma Therapy– Stress easing, deodorizing effect and body relaxation.
Ionizer and Air Shower
Oxygen Therapy
Large and long hair dogs will dry faster
Pet Dry Room does not consume Oxygen in the air. Double safety temperature sensors to prevent over-heating.
Airplane Heating System
Your pet’s Spa bath or grooming experience will be more pleasant and enjoyable with our “Pet Care Room” !

30 minute Oxygen Treatment or Aroma therapy treatment can be done alone on a dry pet. For better results, Oxygen Treatment or Aroma therapy treatment can also be done together.

Oxygen Treatment 
Eliminates odors, yeast, improves skin conditions…

Aroma Therapy Treatment 
Relaxation, soothing, calming…

Both Oxygen & Aroma Therapy Treatment