Preppy Pet Services

Our climate controlled pet boarding stay includes with up to 5 outdoor walks, we feed your provided foods and treats and also you may bring your pet bedding. 

Additional pets sharing same space are always ½ price off. We offer 5 different spaces to choose from. You have an optional choice to place your pet in our indoor climate controlled play option which the pet get out and plays with other pets of the same size for a discounted rate of $9.95 per day. During the group play time option you also have Pet Cams where you can watch you pet while it plays during the scheduled group play.

Long Term Boarding 
Long term boarders are those that stay with us for more than 14 days or more.
We ask to pay in advance. If the plan is to leave them for a 14 plus or more, then we require clients to leave a credit card number. We will bill it every two weeks.
When an animal is boarding for 30 days there is a 10% discount on boarding fees.

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