We Cater to Kitty Cats Too!

We’ll do everything we can to make your Kitty Cat happy and relaxed for overnight boarding.
We feed your provided foods and treats is
prepared in our Biffs Cafe and served daily.
Do you have more than one cat?
The second Kitty cat can stay in the same space!
Additional pet sharing space are always ½ price off.
You can also bring your pet bedding and toys.

Senior Cats ages 12 and older must come in for a evaluation prior to pet boarding. Call in to get an appointment.

FIV Positive Felines are best to boarded at a Vet Office.

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Cat Condo


Per cat per night. Feed your provided food and treats. Includes little, and accommodates up to 2 small size cats. Additional pets sharing the same space are always 1/2 price off.